We Buy Stamps & Stamp Collections!

Our goal is to take the mystery out of selling your stamp collection.

For over 35 years, we have had the pleasure & the privilege of handling virtually every aspect of the stamp & postal history hobby. We are happy to guide you through the process of selling your stamp collection.

If you have no idea of where to begin, we invite you to start by perusing our website. Please go to the We Buy link & read What We Buy, Appraisals Through the Mail & Frequently Asked Questions. This should get you thinking about some of the questions we'll ask you when we speak, but you really don't need to know anything to begin.

Fall and Winter Travel in 2014 & 2015

October - April: We will be attending four shows in Sarasota,Ft Lauderdale and Orlando. We will also be travelling extensively in Florida... Call if you have a collection for sale!

Thank You!

Our Summer road trip was a success! David drove over 5,000 miles, had numerous appointments and had two very successful shows. If anything, we didn't buy as much as we would have liked: if you have a strong collection, please contact us!

News flashes!

David was successful in helping to recover an extensive collection of Canada and Provinces! John Jameison of Saskatoon Stamps wrote the following regarding the incident:


On April 22, 2014 I sent the attached e-mail about MISSING STAMPS to all of you.

I want to THANK everyone for their attention BUT particularly THANKS TO David Medeiros of  Quality Stamps in Venice Florida and Kevin Kellerman of Rasdale Stamps in Westmont, Ill who had been offered the stamps and went above and beyond the call of duty to help get the stamps back to the owner. Virtually all the stamps were returned to the collector last week (and there were a lot more that were taken than the owner even knew).

BUT we want to thank the ASDA for getting the information out to members almost instantly after they received it. David was travelling in the North Eastern US when he received the ASDA message and he knew there was a connection as he had been approached by a fellow from the Minneapolis area with the stamps and David had already passed on the lead to Kevin who had an appointment to visit the fellow who was offering the stamps shortly after to arrange a purchase or consignment to his Rasdale Auctions.

The help from these two fellows was wonderful and the contact through the ASDA shows us all how important the ASDA membership is and the connection we all have through the trade via the association can result in something like this being resolved in a matter of days once the word is out.

THANKS to the ASDA ... to David ... and to Kevin for all their help.

Best wishes

John I. Jamieson

Saskatoon Stamp Centre
Box 1870
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 3S2 Canada
Phone: 306-931-6633
Toll Free in North America 1-800-205-8814

ASDA Pledge

"1. To buy and sell at prices commensurate with a reasonable return on my investments and at prevailing market conditions.

2. To give advice to my clientele in philatelic matters to the best of my ability.

3. To refrain from dealing in stolen philatelic and counterfeit material, and to furnish buyers of repaired, regummed, reperforated, restored reprinted or otherwise altered philatelic material with a complete written statement showing in detail the nature of the changes and alterations in such material.

4. To purchase philatelic material from the public at reasonable prices, with due allowances for my risk and prevailing market conditions; to be truthful in my advertising; to refrain from denigrating my competitors; and to make no false claim to a policy or practice of generally underselling competitors."

Victims of our own success!

We do receive a lot of calls from people with stamps for sale ...  the average day has at least 5 calls or emails. Please read the following points before contacting us, then please email us.

  • We do not buy outside of the US. It isn't that we don't like you, but we're offered so much here in the US that it is more than enough for us! The difficulties with paperwork, risks of shipping and the costs of cross border buying just makes it too much. So, if you're from France, Germany, India, South Africa, Russia, China, Colombia, Mexico etc., please don't email us ... we'll just tell you to find a more local dealer.
  • We ask everyone to send us images of the collection through email. Please take a "global" shot of the whole collection, or a few pictures if it is too bulky. From this we can direct you to the next step.
  • Jpegs are best as the file size is small. Please just attach the images to your email. We have been receiving many images through various services like Shutterfly, Dropbox, Flickr etc. There are literally dozens of these services and we don't want to have to register with every one as it is both time consuming and generates a lot of spam.
  • If you have an inventory, please forward it to us.
  • If the "collection" you inherited consists of a few hundred stamps torn off of envelopes or are in envelopes that say Mystic, Kenmore or some other approval dealer, then the probability of it having anything of value is extremely low (worse than lottery odds). There are literally billions of cheap stamps out there. Old isn't rare... there are also tons of cheap 100 year old stamps! Again, take some pictures if you want and send them to our email.
  • All of that said, we are always interested in the "room full" of stamps, specialized collections, postage accumulations etc. If, for some reason, we can't use it ourselves, then we can direct you where to go with it.

We'll be travelling throughout Florida buying stamp collections now through July, 2014. Please see our Travel Schedule for further details. We will, of course, still travel outside of the state for larger holdings.


Common questions:

Do you buy stamps?  Yes, we are always buying!

What information do you need?  If there is an inventory, please attach it to the email. We almost always want to have pictures of the collection (attach as jpegs). How big is the collection (number of albums, boxes)? Please include your phone number & where you are located.

How would I know if my collection is valuable or not?  Strong collections that have value have been built by collectors who spent substantial money on the collection at the time ... buying individual stamps, sets or covers for the equivalent of $50 or more per item in today's money. Other collections can be worthwhile because of the volume involved, but generally the value is in the volume, not as a percentage of catalog value.

Do you buy collections outside of the United States?  Frankly, we do not buy much outside of the US. There are problems with shipping costs that make the viewing of collections difficult & expensive. Plus, there is plenty of material for sale in the US!


We do get a lot of email queries. Recently someone wrote:

Please send me details on how to do the process.

Thank you,


The process involves a bunch of questions: were you the collector & if not, how did you get the stamps? How big is the collection (# of albums, boxes) & what is it made up of (countries or topics involved, is there an inventory or has an appraisal been done before)? If the answers sound good, then I will need to see the collection so I can evaluate it ... at the least, I'll need some digital pictures &/or I will want to know where the collection is so I can see it. If you're very far outside my travel routes or you need to sell it soon, then you may need to get the collection to me. I also need to know if you really want to sell the collection or need an appraisal. A telephone conversation about all of this is the best way, but we can go back & forth via email. If I want to buy the collection after I have seen it, then I make an offer & you say yes or no. Then I pay you (or not). If I'm not interested in the collection, I may then refer you to a reputable auction or another dealer & I will explain that process to you.

Does this help?


David Medeiros - Quality Stamps


Our buyer, David Medeiros, travels extensively, generally east of the Mississippi. He travels in a van so he has lots of room for all the stamp collections he buys along the way. He may be driving through your area soon & could stop in to buy your stamp collection. Have a look at our Travel Schedule.

More & more we are finding that small collections are best viewed through the mail (please contact us before sending anything). This is especially true if you are isolated from stamp dealers. One recent seller emailed us:

"Hi David,

Yes please use the Westminster address. We are actually in the process of packing to move but not until the end of next week.

My friend asked me why I was sending the stamps to you without knowing you & why I should trust you.

I told her your online reviews were good, you made a fair offer, & when we spoke you sounded like a good guy. I said the only thing you have to keep your business going is your reputation & that it would be ok.

Thanks for letting me know everything arrived safely.

Kind regards


Carolyn is right ... with over 35 years of fair business dealings, we value our reputation above all else! We are also members of all the national professional philatelic organizations & have been for many years.

Questions? Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Free advice is only a telephone call (941-376-5689) or e-mail away! Or use our handy contact form. 

Many thanks,

David & Francesca