Discount Postage

We Buy & Sell a lot of US Postage!

If you have a need for postage & want to save some money, this is the place to do it...

We offer useable postage with face values ranging from .01 - .98 (these stamps have full gum &/or are peel & stick (our choice)) - at a 20% discount off the face value. Whether you run a mail order business or are involved with a non-profit, this is certainly a great way to cut your postage expense!

If you have a need for a specific postage rate (.49 first class, .34 post card or another rate that you use all the time) let us know & we will see what we can do for you!

You will be charged postage for orders under $500. Orders will be sent via USPS with signature required. This offer is only good for mailings within the United States.

Our minimum order is $108.00 which is 250 first class rates (or the equivalent in other rates). 250 x .49 = $122.50 x .80 discount = $98.00 + $10.00 postage = $108.00

We do encourage larger orders by offering a larger discount and send your order to you at our expense! If you order 1,250 first class rates (or the equivalent in other rates) we will charge you 75% of the face value and pay the postage. 1,250 x .49 = $612.50 x .75 discount = $459.00 (postpaid to you).

Please note that if you want a specific rate that you will be sent a combination of stamps made up of 2 units. It could be a .29 stamp and a .20 stamp to make .49. Or we could send you a single .29 and a pair of .10. We understand that you don't want to take up too much space on your envelopes, so we will only send a single and a pair at most.

We prefer your check and don't accept credit cards. (We do accept PayPal, but do charge 3% of the invoice to defray PayPal charges.)

All orders must be pre-paid. If you are a new customer, we will wait until your check clears our bank before sending your order.

Feel free to give us a call at 941-376-5689 or email us through our contact form.