Recent Purchases

Falkland Islands

This is always a very popular area!

Our stock now includes Falkland Islands #1, 30-40, 54-64, 73 & 74. Also included are very scarce postally used blocks of four of Scott #95 & 96.

Stamps of Cyprus - a very nice assemblage!

Including Scott #2 plate 174, a lovely mint block of nine of #2 plate 216, #12, 28-37, 38-47, 48-59, 61-71, 72-86, 89-108, 110, 115-23,


British Commonwealth stamps

Including nice Egypt, Gambia (Scott #10a sloping frame variety and many others), seldom seen Malayan States etc.


United States Revenues

December 2011: What a way to end the year! We are delighted to have such a nice US revenue collection to break down for stock. Besides the highlights pictured here are numerous imperfs, part-perfs, inverted centers and rare multiples. Contact us if you want to fill in some moderate to difficult to find items.

Highlights include R3c block of 21 pre-printed "Ruth & Fleming Baltimore", R13c block of 12 pre-printed "Kemp-Day & Co. New York",  R15e block of 4, R57c part imprint block of 18 (Largest known multiple ex-Joyce), R102c, R103a, R109a, R115b, R115b pair, R127a, R132, R133, R135b, R140a etc...


Gambia collection

A lovely collection of singles of the early Victoria heads, including 19 panes of 15 stamps each. Below is the famous 6 pence with the sloping tablet varieties. 


Iceland numeral cancels

This is a fun collecting area; One ring numeral cancels were used in small post offices (mail collecting places) starting in 1903. A few were used as late as 1966. This collector amassed over 750 of these cancels, including duplicates!


A nice US Collection!

This collection is certainly better than is normally seen and includes a used block of 4 of #1 and a used copy of 294a. Please contact us if you're looking to fill in some nice US!