We Buy

In short, WE BUY IT ALL!

Over the past 30 years, David Medeiros has bought a wide variety of material:

  • Better US & foreign sets & singles
  • Single country collections
  • Gold award-winning exhibits
  • Worldwide collections of one hundred+ volumes
  • Accumulations of many types
  • "Rooms full of stamps!"
  • Collections of postal history
  • Better First Day Cover collections
  • Many picture postcard collections
  • Dealers' stocks
  • We have bought literally small mountains of postage.
  • We've also (in our younger days) bought 13 tons of stamps on paper. (Read the story)

Needless to say, we're not shy!

We find interest in most areas of the world, including United States, Canada & British North America, Italy & Colonies, Proofs & Essays, Worldwide Collections (A-Z collections). Right now we have customers for colonial material from Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium. Offices are needed also!

OK, maybe we don't buy it all* ...

There are some areas that are of little interest to us which we would not buy if they did not come with a better collection:

  • Gold Foil Replicas (envelopes with "gold stamps" on them)
  • Bundleware
  • United States Modern Mint Postal Stationery
  • Common First Day Covers
  • United States Commemorative Panels or Souvenir Pages
  • Austrian Black Prints
  • German Erstagblatts
  • Other Country Philatelic First Day Items
  • United Nations
  • Inexpensive Childrens' Collections (if your'e not sure, call us!)

* We do buy all of the above if it comes with a better collection. Our philosophy is to BUY IT ALL! Beware of those who would "cherry-pick" the best items out of your collection. What you may be left with could be difficult to sell at any price.