It used to be that every town had two or three competent stamp dealers. Well, the business has changed a lot since "the good old days"! Now you are lucky if there is one dealer within 100 miles! That's one reason why we travel so much. Even so, we can't get to all the people in all the towns that have stamp collections for sale.

We have over 40 years of professional experience & are fully insured while the stamps are in transit, both ways, & on our premises. However, in order to be insured, you must contact us before you send any material. We belong to numerous professional trade organizations & have an excellent reputation in the industry. (see About Us).

Are you serious about selling?

Please read the following to find out what your stamps are worth:

  • If you are within driving distance to Venice FL, we can arrange a meeting at our local bank.We do charge $20.00 (payable to Quality Stamps) for these meetings.

  • If you are within a reasonable distance from Venice, FL and the collection is too large to bring to the bank or you prefer to have us come to your home, then we can discuss our coming to you. We do charge $50.00 for home visits.

  • If you want me to look at up to a maximum of 50 pictures I will do so with the understanding that all I can do is say if there is a potential for value and if it looks like it is worth shipping. I can’t give you a value or offer without seeing the stamps or covers.  We do need prepayment of $20.00 for this service either by check or money order payable to Quality Stamps or cash sent at your risk.

Mailing to us:

  • We need to be contacted and agree to accept a mailing to evaluate your stamp collection through the mail. We do not accept unsolicited mailings and will refuse them at our PO Box.

  • If we agree to look at the collection through the mail you will need to send $20.00 in payment for our time PLUS the cost of return postage payable to Quality Stamps. We will not look at your stamps if both payments are not enclosed.

  • Please be sure to include your contact information in the mailing, including email, address and telephone number(s).

  • Once we receive the collection we will let you know if it has value or not.

  • If the collection has value then we will make you an offer. If you accept the offer then we will return the return postage fee to you along with our check in payment for the collection. If you reject the offer then we will return the collection to you and keep the $20.00 fee and use the return postage $ to get the stamps back to you.

  • If you require a written appraisal for any reason, we charge $75.00 per hour to review the collection, produce the letter etc.. The minimum charge is $150.00. This is not refundable should you want us to buy the collection.

  • We do not buy outside of the US. It isn't that we don't like you, but we're offered so much here in the US that it is more than enough for us! The difficulties with paperwork, risks of shipping & the costs of cross border buying just make it too time-consuming. So, if you're from France, Germany, India, South Africa, Russia, China, Colombia, Mexico etc., please don't email us, we will not respond.

  • If you do not respond to our correspondence or messages we will understand that you have no further interest in the collection and will treat it as abandoned. We have limited storage space and can't spend a lot of time contacting you multiple times.

Please contact us before sending any material to us. We will not pay for return postage to you.