Stolen Stamps Recovered

News flash!

David was successful in helping to recover an extensive collection of Canada & Provinces! John Jameison of Saskatoon Stamps wrote the following regarding the incident:


On April 22, 2014 I sent the attached e-mail about MISSING STAMPS to all of you.

I want to THANK everyone for their attention BUT particularly THANKS TO David Medeiros of  Quality Stamps in Venice Florida and Kevin Kellerman of Rasdale Stamps in Westmont, Ill who had been offered the stamps and went above and beyond the call of duty to help get the stamps back to the owner. Virtually all the stamps were returned to the collector last week (and there were a lot more that were taken than the owner even knew).

BUT we want to thank the ASDA for getting the information out to members almost instantly after they received it. David was travelling in the North Eastern US when he received the ASDA message and he knew there was a connection as he had been approached by a fellow from the Minneapolis area with the stamps and David had already passed on the lead to Kevin who had an appointment to visit the fellow who was offering the stamps shortly after to arrange a purchase or consignment to his Rasdale Auctions. 

The help from these two fellows was wonderful and the contact through the ASDA shows us all how important the ASDA membership is and the connection we all have through the trade via the association can result in something like this being resolved in a matter of days once the word is out. 

THANKS to the ASDA ... to David ... and to Kevin for all their help.

Best wishes
John I. Jamieson

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