Protect your valuables!

We at Quality Stamps have shipped literally thousands of boxes of stamp collections during the 37+ years of our professional experience. We've never had a loss due to damage in all that time. We encourage you to follow these guidelines in preparing shipment of your collection to us.

To be insured, you must contact us (see contact us) before sending any material.

  • Use a sturdy box (the post office will not accept liquor boxes for shipping). Small Priority Post boxes are available free from the post office, for smaller shipments.

  • Use rubber bands to keep your albums closed tightly.

  • Protect against water damage by wrapping albums, etc in plastic bags or plastic wrap.

  • Allow enough room in the box so that the albums don't touch any part of the box, paying particular attention to the edges of the albums.

  • Use plenty of padding (crumpled newspapers, styrofoam, bubble wrap, etc) to totally surround the albums & fill in any gaps.

  • Use a good filament packing tape to wrap the box securely.

  • Address the box clearly to Quality Stamps, PO Box 1905, Venice, FL 34284-1905 with your return address and telephone number.

  • If there is a tracking number, please email that to us.

  • Talk to us first about whether to send certified, registered or insured mail, all of which require a signature on our end. This is a requirement for insurance purposes & each of the different types of mailing have different limits of insurance. This is important!

Once we have agreed to accept your collection for appraisal, please contact us if you have any questions about safely shipping your collection.

Remember, to be insured, you must contact us (see contact us) before sending any material.